RRD Editor - Linux Posted on Mar 11th, 2016

The RRD Editor is a GUI based application written in PERL Tk that provides you easy access to archived RRDtool data. RRDtool is Tobi Oetiker's data logging and graphing database that has become the industry standard. The visual editing features of RRD Editor allow you to easily modify the contents of an RRD. Once an RRD is loaded into the editor you can quickly locate a specific data point to modify or an entire Round Robin Archive can be removed. 

I wrote this script back in 2006 as a tool to ease the administration of RRDs. Since then I haven't maintained the script so please be aware that you may need to alter the code in order for it to work correctly.

Check the Free Scripts directory for the source code if you want to play with that instead.

Hopefully this script is useful to someone.

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